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Early Intervention in Psychosis (EIP) Programme – North

Access up to date information on the North Region’s Early Intervention in Psychosis Programme at our NHS Networks page
Access up to date information on the North Region’s Early Intervention in Psychosis Programme at our NHS Networks page (less...)

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Example EIS Operational Policy
This document is provided as an optional Early Intervention Service Operational Policy template to be adopted / adapted by early intervention teams and Providers if felt necessary and appropriate. Many...
14:49 - Fri 30 Sep 2016
The Art of the Possible - Interview with Salford EIP Team
17:18 - Wed 15 Jun 2016
Meeting the new national standard and ensuring vulnerable young people are understood
13:53 - Tue 07 Jun 2016
HOAX - Our Right to Hope
The HOAX project is based on a poem, titled the same, written in 2004 by a young Mancunian poet called Rob. The poem was one of many hundreds that he...
10:32 - Fri 27 May 2016
GP Guidance: Early Detection of Emerging Psychosis - What you need to know
12:23 - Tue 10 May 2016
Implementing the Early Intervention in Psychosis Access and Waiting Time Standard: Guidance
This document is intended to provide support to local commissioners and providers in implementing the standard. It has been coproduced by a wide range of experts, including people with lived...
12:18 - Tue 10 May 2016
What is psychosis?
The South of England programme has created an animation to help reduce delays to treatment by raising public awareness about psychosis and the new access and waiting time standard.
14:37 - Thu 07 Apr 2016
EIP Network Forum: Achieving Better Access 21st March 2016
A one-day event held to explore topics relating to the implementation of the Achieving Better Access standards in Early Intervention in Psychosis services. This event was be an opportunity to...
09:58 - Wed 06 Apr 2016
Video/WebEx - completing the EIP workforce calculator
Dr Guy Dodgson, Regional EIP clinical lead for Cumbria & North East provides a step by step guide to completing the draft version of the EIP workforce calculator.
12:53 - Fri 01 Apr 2016
Summary paper - Young people's views on the new EIP access standards
This summary paper presents the findings from a research project funded by NHS England North, in to what children and young people think about the new waiting time and access...
10:33 - Fri 01 Apr 2016