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Buying fonts online

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November 11. 2016
Graeme Babbs

We've inherited a couple of jobs "because it will be cheaper" and I have no way of getting the 14 faces that I need. Most of them are Adobe fonts and everytime I go to see how to buy them I get punted to the CC site, so as hints go...

Incidentally, I can't find Hermes Thin and Bold anywhere, only Hermes. The same goes for VAG Rounded 65 Bold. Any ideas?

November 11. 2016
Graeme Babbs

My word, that was a bit of a ramble wasn't it? Is there any way of getting Adobe fonts without going down the CC route? (It's not because I don't want to, it's because it means dealing with finance and IT at the same time).

November 11. 2016
Brian Parkinson

For fonts I tend to use myfonts.com if I can.

Regarding Hermes - is this one? http://optimo.ch/typefaces_Hermes_all_PurchaseOptions.html

Bit pricey - could you substitute VAG?

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