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Quark to InDesign?

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April 05. 2017
Brian Parkinson

Hello all - before I grit my teeth and stump up £200 for a conversion plugin - does anyone have a way to convert a Quark file into something I can open with InDesign CS6? Just trying to amend some legacy artwork.

April 06. 2017
Graeme Babbs

I bought Q2ID years ago from ?markzware - a dodgy company name but a very good plug in - as I found there was no other way of doing what you're trying to do. I made sure that everything was converted (I hated Quark anyway, but that was more to do wth the ridiculous security hoops you had to jump through to activate it).

I'm now undertaking the laborious task of opening everything I have in CS6 and resaving it so that it will survive the inevitable 'upgrade' to CC. Open, draw a white box off page and save (or convert from older Indd files). Dull dull dull, but there are so many files I have that won't even open in CS6 that I have to bin.

So the short answer to your question is 'no'. ;)

April 06. 2017
Brian Parkinson

Thanks Graeme. I'm putting off CC as long as I possibly can - I regard it as extortion. 

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