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Don't seem to be able to make replies :(

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July 23. 2015
Philip Johnstone
July 23. 2015
Brian Parkinson

I'm struggling with this too.

On a Mac:

Chrome - no text box visible

Safari - no text visible and a load of nasty code

Firefox - seems to work.

July 23. 2015
Philip Johnstone

I just loaded firefox and can now reply.  Our trust is still on explorer 8 though they are moving over to chrome which also doesn't appear to be working. Maybe would be a good idea to let people know which browsers are compatible.  If they can't respond it will put people off really quickly.

July 24. 2015
Graeme Babbs

Both Brian and I have been in touch with the tech support. They're doing an overhaul and are aware of the problem. They hope it will be fixed soon, but I had to download Firefox to get this to work too. It also works better with our own IT imposed internet quagmire, so I'll probably keep it.

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