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NASA posters

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February 16. 2016
Graeme Babbs

Have you guys seen these?


Absolutely gorgeous 'travel posters' for the solar system and beyond done by JPL. Free to download and print.

February 16. 2016
Brian Parkinson

Nice. Really beautifully done. Thanks for the link.

Some of them remind me of 1920s/30s railway posters (there's an article about Frank Henry Mason at www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-tees-32495451)

February 16. 2016
Graeme Babbs

While we're on the subject of brilliant posters (I was even if you weren't), check out this site:


The titles alone are brilliant: "Let's sweat more in training for the world championship","The game of beating to death Americans is very funny"

I'm unnaturally keen to create a health promotion poster like this ("Let us establish the health of the motherland!!")

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