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July 22. 2015
Graeme Babbs

Has anyone in the public sector subscribed to this yet? How did the process work? (I'm fairly sure the software side is OK, it's the payment/installation I have doubts about!).

July 23. 2015
Calum Murray

I've had a subscription for around a year and a half now and it's fantastic! 

We ordered via Trustmarque who are NHS contract suppliers and Adobe authorised resellers.  Our IT department purchase seats from Adobe which they then assign to the end user (you do need an active Adobe ID for this to happen but it's free to register). 

This is paid for on an annual basis rather than a monthly one to keep Finance happy.  Going through the authorised reseller allows them to invoice on this basis rather than have to do an order every month and receive it and get Finance to pay it and and and... :)

Updates are notified automatically and I can download and install them at my leisure.

The only caveat with the software is that I am not allowed to use Adobe Cloud for storage due to Data Protection Legislation.

July 23. 2015
Michael Orr

Hi Graeme,

I've subscribed to it at my previous Trust, and helping to set up a new one for a London Trust in the next couple of weeks.

I had no problems at all, although my IT department (through a third party supplier) actually got a slight discount and paid for a year up front as we weren't graced with the ability to allow direct debits at our Trust!

All the latest software, runs fine offline although be cautious when being promted for updates as sometimes they take ages - not good when you're trying to get work done!



July 23. 2015
Michael Orr

... Trustmarque - thats who we used to.



July 23. 2015
Philip Johnstone

As with Callum we have been on for over a year.  We also have our Comms team on our Team subscription, and now our Medical Photographer.  The only issue we have here is that the Trust firewall blocks all but the authentication server, so every time there is an update we have to arrange a portal to allow us to update the apps.


It is nice that I don't have to do a business case everytime there is an update.  In the past we have always skipped a version.

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