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CPD - what do you do about your development?

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July 23. 2015
Philip Johnstone

I have three staff, mainly in the reprographics functions and CPD has always been very difficult to organise for them and myself.

As with most Trust's expenditure of any kind for "non core" departments is very hard obtain. Just wondering how you all do it, or if you do at all?

I have been looking into online training and getting a subscription with Lynda.com to allow staff to train on both design programs and standard office courses.  Is this a good way to go?

July 24. 2015
Graeme Babbs

I'm lucky that I have a very supportive boss who keeps reminding me to look for courses. Also, YouTube has finally been unblocked, so I can look at things like deke online (www.deke.com) for free tutorials. I'd like to subscribe to lynda.com, (or at least investigate further), I just think finance would blow a fuse.

Usually, I'm looking for specific help.


If anyone has any recommendations...

July 28. 2015
Calum Murray

I use VTC.com fairly regularly (free access comes with IMI membership). They have a huge array of tutorials on all the major software and it's expanding all the time.  There are other benefits to IMI too such as their (sadly less frequent now) regional meetings, spring school and annual conference.  Keeping an up to date CPD record is a requirement of professional membership and the online system is a really easy way to do this although there are parallels with NHS e-KSF which I do find slightly annoying - I'd rather do one or the other.  I think I'm quite lucky in that I'm based in our Education Centre so funding hasn't really been an issue and my Manager is always very supportive of any requests for time to attend courses etc.

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