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Can graphic design save your life?
Hoping to see this before too long... https://wellcomecollection.org/press/can-graphic-design-save-your-life-opens-wellcome-collection
15:30 - Wed 13 Sep 2017
Re: Quark to InDesign?
Thanks Graeme. I'm putting off CC as long as I possibly can - I regard it as extortion. 
09:12 - Thu 06 Apr 2017
Re: Quark to InDesign?
I bought Q2ID years ago from ?markzware - a dodgy company name but a very good plug in - as I found there was no other way of doing what...
08:34 - Thu 06 Apr 2017
Re: InDesign paragraph styles
Not that I've found Graeme. I tend to have two bullet styles - a standard one and a last one with increased spacing after. At least it gives lots of...
15:11 - Wed 05 Apr 2017
Quark to InDesign?
Hello all - before I grit my teeth and stump up £200 for a conversion plugin - does anyone have a way to convert a Quark file into something I...
15:09 - Wed 05 Apr 2017
InDesign paragraph styles
Does anyone know of there's a way to have a paragraph style that uses different spacing depending on which style follows/precedes it? I end up with styles like 'para after...
08:34 - Thu 23 Feb 2017
Poster site
Oh my word, what a time sink this site is... http://www.internationalposter.com  
12:07 - Tue 13 Dec 2016
Re: Buying fonts online
For fonts I tend to use myfonts.com if I can. Regarding Hermes - is this one? http://optimo.ch/typefaces_Hermes_all_PurchaseOptions.html Bit pricey - could you substitute VAG?
11:34 - Fri 11 Nov 2016
Re: Buying fonts online
My word, that was a bit of a ramble wasn't it? Is there any way of getting Adobe fonts without going down the CC route? (It's not because I don't...
11:17 - Fri 11 Nov 2016
Buying fonts online
We've inherited a couple of jobs "because it will be cheaper" and I have no way of getting the 14 faces that I need. Most of them are Adobe fonts...
11:15 - Fri 11 Nov 2016