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Treatment for diabetes in pregnancy - Anya Wright

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July 16. 2013
clare gourlay

Dear Everyone


I need some help collecting statistics from other units if any of you have anything easily available relating to numbers/outcomes of your GDM and pre-existing diabetics to send me please. In my unit (Brighton) we are dealing with increasing numbers and facing capacity problems and I have been asked to collect some comparative data from other units.


We deliver between 3,500 – 4,000 women a year and have a NICU that can give care from 24/40 so accept a lot of in utero transfers. The demographic is mainly white with some ethnic variation. I would also be interested to receive any care pathways that are easily accessible to send


I am having problems with my work e mail at the moment but please try to contact me at work as first port of call








or if that fails at home




Many thanks hopefully in advance!


Clare Gourlay


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