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Diabetes Midwives

Treatment for diabetes in pregnancy - Anya Wright

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Treatment for diabetes in pregnancy

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April 29. 2013
heather chandler

I do keep a record of the number of women using different methods of management throughout pregnancy, however, I don't formally use it for my own audit currently although it was my intention.

April 30. 2013
Jane O'Brien

I do keep a record of treatment used in GDM. In 2012 these were our audit results

40% diet only

27% diet and Metformin

22% Diet/Met/Ins

11% Diet/Ins


Our T1/T2 women are about 2/3rds Type 1 and so are on insulin. The majority of T2 patients end up on insulin too but we have smaller numbers of these in Stockport.

May 07. 2013
heather chandler

have now sorted out last years audit and %age for control is

Diet 22.8%

Metformin 33.3%

Metformin and insulin 22.8%

Insulin only (mainly type 1) 21%

May 29. 2013
Maria Axford

Test comment

May 31. 2013
Kirstin clark

We have a database, which isn't up to date yet, and I need to audit

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