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Treatment for diabetes in pregnancy - Anya Wright

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Positive ggt result

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January 04. 2014
Edwina Lee

Hello, I would like to know how quickly women are seen to be taught HBGM once they are diagnosed with GDM. Also do you know of any guidance which gives time limits on when these women should be seen to be taught HBGM.  We try to see women as quickly as possible but as only two days a week a covered by DSM it could be quite a number of days before our women are seen.

Thank you, hope you all have a good New Year.

January 06. 2014
Jane O'Brien

Happy New Year. Our results are received in ANC 48 hrs after GTT done and the women are telephoned the same day. Apt for HBGM may be the same day or the following day depending on the woman's committments. I have a colleague who can give a diagnosis of GDM in my absense and an AP to teach HBGM. 

January 06. 2014
Edwina Lee

Thanks Jane, that is useful information,

January 06. 2014
Kirstin clark

In our unit positive GTT results should be phoned through to ANDU within 24 hours (or on the Monday if done on the Friday). The majority of GTT's are done out in the community, and we have been having some problems with our results set up, so all our CMW should ring up for their GTT results within 24-28 hours. Then the CMW will phone the women and arrange to go and see them to teach HBGM, usually within 24-48 hours of having a positive GTT result.


Does anyone get their MSW's to teach HBGM? It is something that we are thinking about doing.

January 08. 2014
Edwina Lee

Thanks Kirstin. No we dont use our msw to teach hbgm, we get all our women to come to us for teaching

January 10. 2014
suzannah kelly

we get all our results within 24 hours and the women are then seen by myself within 48 hours. I find these women need to be seen by experienced diabetes midwives as they often have complex questions which need to be addressed at the start. we also start the dietry advice which is important.

January 13. 2014
Claire Heeley

Hi we follow up within 2 working days, (I work 4/5) and then bring the woman back within 3 working days of GTT when possible, dpeedning on the women and their first language.


MSW's do all the CBG testing teaching for me and I follow up the following wek when they have at least 2-3 days in their diaries



January 15. 2014
heather chandler

For some of the women I know about I will check results later the same day and contact if abnormal, however, we have GTTs carried out in lots of places so we have it set up that all copies of results go to ANC and then I pick them up but also Biochemistry send me a list of all women and results of GTT performed in the previous week. This way the secretary can pass on to one of the Nurses to check if I am on leave incase they get missed.

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