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Treatment for diabetes in pregnancy - Anya Wright

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ultrasound scan for gdm

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November 25. 2016
Asha mathew

hi all,

what is the policy for growth scan s for gdm. At what gestations are the scans performed and as a DSM does anyone review them.

November 27. 2016
Jenni Peters

We have implemented growth scans for ALL patients whose pregnancy is complicated by diabetes at 28, 32 and 36 weeks gestation. (HEFT)

November 27. 2016
Jenni Peters

All DSM's review the scans if we are seeing the patient and refer to an Obstetrician as required.

November 28. 2016
Jane O'Brien

We have done the same as you Jenni. Scans are 28/32/36 weeks and again at 38 if we want to leave a GDM to deliver at T+.

November 29. 2016
yolande van-de-l'Isle

DSMs review scans but we only do an extra scan at 36/40. No additional scanning is done at 28 or 32/40.

December 02. 2016
Anita Brockbank

In Newcastle we offer 28,32 and 36 weeks scans for GDM, I suppose I do review scans but our sonographers tend to refer on if they are concerned about anyone, so not all of these women are seen in clinic following scan (only if they are Metformin or insulin treated, whereby an obstetrician will see them).

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