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Treatment for diabetes in pregnancy - Anya Wright

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July 10. 2013
Sarah knight

Hi everyone, as mentioned before I am currently writing a job description for a DSM at our hospital in Kent. I work full time and have so many ideas that I want to implement I believe this could be a full time role. I was wondering how other DSMs manage their week and if they are working in a full time post. E.g...Are others implementing colostrum harvesting & antenatal education? Do DSMs have structure in their weeks? Is anybody linking with healthy weight midwives? How is postnatal care managed and delivery? Any other job descriptions would also be welcomed. Thanks to those that have already sent me theirs. I need to get this right! 

Many thanks

Sarah Knight

July 15. 2013
Anita Brockbank

Hi Sarah,

I am a full time DSM, since January 2012, before which there was no such post in thes Trust. Those planning the job included a Delivery Suite shift in the role, ideally aiming for continuity of care with the diabetic women, but also to support more junior midwives to look after diabetics.

I had to change the Glucose Tolerance Test/GDM screening service to an ANC based service (from biochem) and increase its capacity to screen as per NICE. One or two sessions a week are chasing these results and those who DNA/are abnormal.

I do a clinic for newly diagnosed GDM with a dietician, so this is another session. Preparing notes for the obstetric/diabetic ANC is a morning's work (if I'm lucky) and that clinic tends to be a long morning.

Fortnightly I attend a preconception clinic within an adult diabetes service.

I follow up via telephone with the gestational diabetics at various times over the week.

I visit the wards when I can, or when asked to review patients on AN/DS/PN wards.

I am a point of contact for staff to teach home BG monitoring to patients etc.


I would like to implement more BF/AN education but am regularly overwhelmed with the above! I hope this helps.


Good luck   -Anita


July 17. 2013
Sarah knight

Thanks Anita,


It's gone to the head of midwifery today! Now I wait!


July 17. 2013
Sarah knight

Thanks Anita,


It's gone to the head of midwifery today! Now I wait!


January 13. 2014
Claire Heeley



Id be really interested in seeing it if posible please?



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