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Diabetes Midwives

Sliding scales used both in labour and for steroids

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Better Births and Diabetes

Up to Sliding scales used both in labour and for steroids
January 07. 2019
Jane O'Brien

I wanted to ask if anyone is aware of any examples of the Better Births agenda working within the Diabetes setting. A member of the network has contacted me and has concerns that whilst teams can be expanded to facilitate, ultimately this would dilute the intensive antenatal input given by a smaller team which in my view is what reduces poor outcomes.

As diabetes is included in the Better Births document I wondered if anyone who does the role as it for most of us at the moment (ie mainly antenatal input, medication titration etc etc) was consulted on how it might work?

May 15. 2019
Heather Davies

I would be interested in this as my head of midwifery has asked for me to put together a continuity of carer pathway for women with diabetes.

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