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Sliding scales used both in labour and for steroids

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Up to Sliding scales used both in labour and for steroids
August 07. 2018
Heather Davies

Hi All. I am currently looking at the documentation that is used in Joint clinic. We have a computerised maternity information system that the obstetric/midwifery side use, but the diabetes team are reluctant to use the system. The obstetric team use EDMS. Currently there is no documentation in patient's handheld or maternity records regarding diabetes care. In my previous trust we used the same maternity information system and the perinatal institute diabetes in pregnancy notes, which worked really well. I am wondering what other units use. 

August 13. 2018
Anita Brockbank

We document in hospital and handheld notes, not the Perinatal Institute ones. We have specially designed paperwork which I can share. BUT we are embarking on a Cerner system to go 'paperlite/paper light' in the future.

August 14. 2018
Heather Davies

HI what's a Cerner system?

August 14. 2018
Heather Davies

and..do the diabetes doctors document in the patient's casenotes or on a separate system.

August 20. 2018
Jane O'Brien

We have our own paperwork that we put in the green handheld notes. It is easily identifiable on yellow paper and we also have some yellow notes that go in the hospital central file that the diabetes use at appointments and document phonecalls. We are not very electronic in that department yet. I am happy to share it if you want to email me.

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