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Sliding scales used both in labour and for steroids

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Appointments schedules

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July 30. 2018
Heather Davies

Hi. I have transferred from another trust into a newly developed post. Can you please tell me about the appointments schedule that you use in your trust. We have big problems with DNAs/appointments not being appropriately made. The reception desk control the appointments. How does it work in your trust? Here there are 4 different appointments streams. The consultant obstetrician has one list, one diabetes consultant has a new patient list, another diabetes consultant has a follow-up list and the diabetes nurse has a list. It gets very confusing, for both staff and patients to keep up with the appointments. Can you let me know how your joint clinic runs please. 

July 31. 2018
Deborah Bett

eek, we only have two lists (but two hospitals with two lists) one for the obstetric part (but the DSM sees them first to look at blood sugars and check everything is upto date) and one for the diabetes consultant (another DSM looks at those notes first and check everything to do with the pregnancy has been attended to).

You could colour code or maybe just have one list for the diabetes consultant and if they are new they get sent to one consultant and if follow up , then to the other??


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