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Diabetes Midwives

Sliding scales used both in labour and for steroids

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Diabetes Specialist Midwife Role and Responsibilities

Up to Sliding scales used both in labour and for steroids
July 30. 2018
Heather Davies

Hi I have taken up a newly developed role in a new trust. I am setting up the role, and just wondering what everybody else does day to day within their role. I have been asked to provide a job plan, and looking for some help.

July 31. 2018
Deborah Bett

Do you mean you are the first diabetes specialist midwife in the Trust?

August 01. 2018
Jane O'Brien

I have midwife clinics most days filled with seeing every newly diagnosed GDM / previous GDMs/ Preconception care for T1&2 as well as some treatment changes and insulin starts that need doing outside of clinic. Antenatal clinic is two mornings/week.

Then there is doctors and midwives training.

Guidelines and protocols

I try and do a ward round 3x / week

Telephone consultations take up a lot of time.

My own training. I also attend diabetes team meetings.

I can share my job description if that helps, but I don't have a job plan.


August 01. 2018
Heather Davies

Hi Deborah, yes it is a new role in the trust. Jane that would be great thank you.

August 06. 2018
Leisa Foad

Hi All, 

At my Trust we're looking at expanding the role of the DSMs currently all part time, to a combination of whole time and part time roles. Probably a whole time lead (7) supported by two or three (6's) part time roles. 

I was wondering if anyone had job plans that they can share with me please from which we can develop our own. 

We're eager to try and incorporate better births, although i am aware we're probably all struggling to include intrapartum care into this due to staffing. Has anyone sketched out a way/rota of achieving complete continuity of care if staffing were not an issue.

My email is leisafoad@nhs.net

August 07. 2018
Heather Davies

Hi Leisa

Unfortunately in my trust I am the only DSM. (this is a new role within the trust) I am a full-time band 7, with no other support. The trust delivers 4,100 women per year. I am currently collating data for annual figures, but I only started in March this year. We have no provision to provide intra-partum care due to staffing, but occasionally if requested I will attend elective C/S. I have a job description, and am currently working on a job plan. I would also be interested to see other job plans.

August 07. 2018
Heather Davies

Does anybody have a group education session? Our trust has a group education session once per week. All newly diagnosed GDM attend, and it is run by the dieticians and diabetes nurse. At this session they get a blood glucose monitor and dietary advice. In my previous trust the midwives would do an individual education session and give them a meter. What do other trusts do?

August 07. 2018
Jane O'Brien

We have an individual session to give a diagnosis and answer questions and give tissues to some women who are very upset. We give first line dietary advice and a meter and then they have a group session with the dietician a week later in the clinic.

August 13. 2018
Anita Brockbank

We see newly diagnosed GDMs in 1 of 2 clinics per week (we can also start insulin or self monitoring at this clinic). We see them individually (discuss GDM and give meter), as does dietician (face to face and also telephone, most are telephone reviews), but she is keen to start group education.

We do group self monitoring teaching for patients who have had GDM before, usually between 12 and 16 weeks instead of screening with a GTT.

I am the only DSM by contract, but I have core antenatal clinic midwives who are trained to do everything and help me a lot.

We are hoping to include a further Band 6 midwife to start inputting into inpatient care for Better Births. I did do a 12hour then an 8 hour day on Delivery suite for the first 18months of my post but the workload was too much and this was stopped. In essence I mainly care for GDMs rather than pre-existing diabetic patients.


August 14. 2018
Deborah Bett


We don't do group education beacuse our women are too varied. The teachers/ nurses/ doctors require quite intense info and we often run through a bit of carb counting (gentle) whereas some of the other ladies just need to cut out all the sugar and take aways and need the very basic info first.

The level of questions from them varies a lot too, i feel that if we did group sessions then the less knowledgable would be intimidated by the more.

we need the tissues out too, some get very distressed by the diagnosis and others are very laid back.

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