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Diabetes Midwives

Sliding scales used both in labour and for steroids

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Better Births

Up to Sliding scales used both in labour and for steroids
June 22. 2018
Helen Probert

Could anyone advise me if they (DSM) are able to provide intrapartum care for women with all types of DM please ? In view of Better Births it is being considered in out Trust that this is something  we should be looking at providing but would need to increase our Team of two to enable this.

Many Thanks

July 06. 2018
Jane O'Brien

Sadly not, we would need a much bigger midwifery diabetes team.

July 10. 2018
Deborah Bett

Same here. We are going to employ another band 7 midwife soon so that will take us to 2.3 WTE for a caseload of 600+ women. We might just be able to cope with the workload then and maybe be able to visit women on the labour ward and postnatal wards.

The way we work though means that women do get continuity of carer during their pregnancy as we see them for most antenatal appointments which is better than they normally get. So more Better Birth friendly!

August 01. 2018
yolande van-de-l'Isle

We have no plans to adhere to Better Births for diabetic women.  We have 1.0 WTE at Band 7 and 2.0WTE at Band 6 with a caseload of approximately 580 per year.  Not very practical.  We have to use our resources in the best way possible which unfortunately means not providing intrapartum care.  Any suggestion that the 3 WTE could deliver 580+ a year and provide all the ante and postnatal care is simply laughable!

August 02. 2018
Sarah Carter

I've been asked to look at how we would facilitate better births requirements for diabetic women but at the moment there's just me and a caseload of 350 women so would definitely need a team approach which they seem to be considering to meet the requirements in my trust across the board. I have no involvement at present in intrapartum other than asking if the midwives need any support.

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