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Sliding scales used both in labour and for steroids

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Up to Sliding scales used both in labour and for steroids
July 16. 2018
Deborah Bett

What meters are people using?

Does anyone have any info on the cheaper meters and their accuracy?

July 29. 2018
Jane O'Brien

We use the accuchek performa meter for GDMs as the strips are one of the cheapest (?£9/pot). I also like the finger pricker which use fastclix lancets and they don’t require a sharpsbox. So they are safer for pregnant ladies with young children at home. 

July 30. 2018
Heather Davies

We use the Glucomen Areo. The strips are £9.95 per box of 50 strips. Accuracy as below.

Results: Accuracy Requirement A - Bias

Bias plots for each test strip lot are shown separately opposite,

At glucose levels < 5.6mmol/L, 100% of results are within ± 0.83mmol/L of laboratory results.

At glucose levels ≥ 5.6mmol/L, 99.8% of results are within ± 15% of laboratory results.

Combined system accuracy was 99.8%



GlucoMen Areo exceeds ISO 15197:2013 requirement of 95% within ± 0.83mmol/L and ± 15% of laboratory results respectively.


July 31. 2018
Deborah Bett

Thank you.

This ISO requirement is a bit basic isn't it? within 15%??

so a woman with a fasting of 5.3 needs to start treatment (in our Trust anyway) but if her reading is actually 4.8 it could read up to 5.5 on one of these meters and this would be considered accurate enough but she'd be starting treatment unnecessarily with all the implications of that.

Shouldn't we be looking at accuracies within 5% at least in pregnancy?

There is a massive push for these cheap meters but what are we doing to the women?

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