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At present we get our GDM and T2DM women to test their blood glucose pre meal one day, keeping BM's between 4.0-5.5, and 2 hours post prandial, keeping below 7.0. Our T1 women just test pre meal, keeping between 4.0-5.5. They don't do any post prandial testing. We had a discussion about changing to NICE guidelines, as one of the other hospitals in our trust uses them. How many units use the NICE guidelines, what do you tell the women about testing 1 hour post prandial - is it at the start of the meal, end of the meal, 1 hour after giving their insulin? Also did you have any problems when changing your targets and monitoring? Do you get your T1 women to test post prandial at all? We are auditing our outcomes at the moment to see if they are better, the same or worse than the national outcomes to see if we have any evidence to say that we should change to NICE guidelines, and we are also going to wait til next year as NICE is due to update then. In the meantime any information would be gratefully received. thanks Kirstin Clark Ysbyty Glan Clwyd, N Wales
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