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June 12. 2013
suzannah kelly


we are thinking of having a second diabetes specialist midwife and wondered how other units go about training them in insulin adjustment and insulin starts. obviously when i trained i went to work with the DSN for a while but that was because we didnt have a specialist midwife to train me. do you think it is acceptable for myself to train the new midwife and if so does anyone have any competitcies i could see or have or any ideas welcome.

June 13. 2013
Edwina Lee

Hello Suzannah, I do think it is acceptable for you to train the new midwife yourself, I am a community midwife but for the past eighteen months have worked one day a week along side our DSM. She has done a great job in educating me just by sharing her knowledge. I have also been well supported by our consultant and DSN. I now cover the service when DSM is on leave. We don't have any competences that we can share but you have given me food for thought as I think we should have. The elearning safer use of insulin is very useful, she will have to do alot of research and reading for herself plus refreshing herself with your trust guidelines. I also intend to go on a DAFNE course as an observer which I am reliably informed will be very useful. I am keen to undertake further training in diabetes and have been recommended the Warwick course, hope  this has been of some use. T

June 14. 2013
suzannah kelly

thanks for this. I am duel trained and fill the role of midwife and diabetes nurse, but for some reason the DSN s are objecting to me training this very competent midwife!

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