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June 12. 2013
suzannah kelly


does any units out there have a diabetes specialist midwife who is a direct entry midwife?

June 13. 2013
Sarah knight

Hi, I'm new to this network. I am a direct entry midwife. Qualified in 1995. I have been working as a "diabetic link midwife" for the last ten years as a band 6. I have just been given the opportunity to write a job for a specialist midwife, in order to obtain funding for the post. So yes! If I'm successful. You will be hearing lots from me! Any job descriptions would be most welcomed! Or any other advice!

June 13. 2013
carol brown

Hi.  I am also a direct entry midwife.  I have been working as a diabetes specialist midwife since 2008.  I was lucky in that the post was already up and running when I was appointed. I cover one of our large maternity units for antenatal and postnatal ladies and another DSM covers the other one.  However, we do support each other daily and work cross-site.  



June 14. 2013
suzannah kelly

good to hear girls, are any of you duel trained, do you take on the role of diabetes nurse as well?

June 28. 2013
Rachel Crowley

Hi there,

I am a diabetes midwife, (direct entry 20 years ago), and after most of my career on delivery suite, I was offered a trainee diabetes midwife job 2 and a half years ago.  I did the Warwick course which was invaluable.  I learned to adjust insulin and metformin by 'shadowing' and practising.  My colleague and I wrote our own insulin adjustment policy which was ratified by the trust.  I don't believe that the route by which a midwife trained should have any limitation to career progression.  What matters is the experience and education that you have achieved during the course of your career.


Good luck


July 03. 2013
suzannah kelly

hi rachel

any chance you could share your insulin adjustment policy with us?

I too agree that it makes no difference how you became a midwife. I was a nurse prior to midwifery, but only worked for 5 months before doing midwifery, and as that was 28 years ago I consider myself the same as a direct entry midwife.



July 04. 2013
Rachel Crowley

Dear Sue,


Attached is a link to the policy.  Hope it helps.







July 04. 2013
Edwina Lee

Hello Sarah Knight how did you get on with the job description and funding ?I hope you were successful. Did you get any job descriptions ? I would be very interested in this as at present we do not have a job description in our trust for this post or competencies which I feel we need. Take care Ed.

July 04. 2013
Edwina Lee

Thanks Rachel for the link I have printed it and will read it with interest.

July 08. 2013
Jane O'Brien

Hi Everyone

I agree that the route of midwifery has no impact on the role of a DSM and there are lots of midwives who trained direct entry doing the job. I have been a DSM for 11 years and did a dual role as a DSN for the last 5 years. I recently went back to just DSM due to workload.

I have a job description I can share. Just email me on jane.obrien@stockport.nhs.uk

There is also a tool available from the RCM that we produced a few years ago called Lead Midwife in Diabetes: Standards, Role and Competencies.


Hope this helps, good luck you will enjoy it.




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