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GDM Clinics - Caroline Duncombe

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Seperate clinic for gdm

Up to GDM Clinics - Caroline Duncombe
July 06. 2012
suzannah kelly


here in ipswich we have joint consultant clinic once a week where we see women who need to see a both obstetric and diabetes consultants at regular intervals throughout the pregnancy, usually monthly. we have 2 other days in the week where patient come to see myself. therse are a mixture of pre-existing diabetic women and gestationals. i also have a seperate booking clinic where all the women see me for booking. women seen outside the consultant clinic vary from newly diagnosed gestationals to those who need to start treatment for the first time, or those who just want a one to one with me. i try to see all women outside the consultant clinic at 30 weeks, where i can discuss labour, their birth plans and give them the one to one care and time to answer all their questions.

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