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July 11. 2018
Heather Davies

HI All

I have moved to a new trust. In my previous trust the joint clinic was held in one room with all professionals in the same room at the same time. This was really good for communication between professionals, and everybody knew and had an input on her care. In my new trust the Diabetes consultant/Diabetes nurse and obstetrician are all in separate rooms, and see women separately. The diabetes consultants see a lady, then ask her to go and sit back in the waiting room until she is called to see the obstetrician. I am struggling with this set up as I feel there is no communication between teams. The Diabetes team also use a different computer system to the maternity information system, and they won't document on the maternity system, therefore there is no documentation about her diabetes in her maternity notes. The appointments system is also set in 4 different streams. One for consultant obstetrician, one for diabetes nurse, one for Diabetes consultant follow-up patients and one for diabetes consultant new patients. How do the joint clinics run in other trusts as I feel this system is so confusing, and for how many women on the caseload? Thank you

July 13. 2018
sara miall

Hi Heather


We have a similar set up to the one you have described above and it works well for us. We do communicate well as a team and the diabetes team document only in the maternity records. We also have a fetal medicine consultant, renal consultant and dietitian in our maternal medicine clinic. It is very large clinic but the women appreciate being seen on the same day in the same place.

We also have a computer system that the DSN and DSM use in order that we can ensure we are giving contemporaneous advise and are aware of the prescribing we each may have done.

I believe it is ideal if you can be in a room together but because of our numbers we find it impossible to facilitate at present

Last year we had a total of 496 women with diabetes in pregnancy


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