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Pre-existing diabetic ladies

Up to DVD on diet for the women with gestational diabetes
October 27. 2011
Elizabeth Phillips

How do you follow up type 1 and type 2 diabetic ladies after they have deliveryed and gone home. Are they seen in a postnatal clinic and if so what is discussed and who sees them?

Liz Phillips

Diabetic Specialist Midwife

Barking Havering and Redbridge NHS Trust

October 31. 2011
Juliet Burgess

We dont have the resources to see these women, its difficult with the midwifery umbrella lasting up to 28days to know where we should pass on the care. We now either ensure these women are reviewed in consultant general diabetic clinics if there have been issues either during pregnancy or prior to pregnancy, or write to their GP or practice nurse to update on progress and discharge medicaton levels. We have found that practice nurses are better at following up any ongoig issues and more likely to give a seemless service. This also gives the knock on effect of these women getting timely preconceptual advice for future pregnancies.


Juliet Burgess

Diabetic Specialist Midwife

Medway NHS Trust

November 02. 2011
Sooi-Mai Jones

All Type ! & 2 DM  are reviewed by the Diabetologist prior to discharge from the postnatal ward. The treatment plan are documented and he will decide when these women are to attend his general diabetic outpatient clinic. The ward clerk forward the details of these women to his secretary who will send out the appointment and a blood form for HBA1c to be conducted prior to attendance. The diabetologist will decide the discaharge of care to GPs or to the Primary Care Diabetes centre at the Outpatient review.


Sooi-Mai Jones

Midwife Teacher.
November 10. 2011
sharon howard

All women with pre-existing Diabetes are sent appts to see diabetologist approx 8 weeks after delivery for review. Diabetologist then decides if continued care is required with them at the hospital or in primary care.


Sharon Howard

Diabetes Specialist Nurse for Maternity/Midwife

Worthing Hospital

November 21. 2011
Jane O'Brien

All our women are seen at 3 months postnatal by the diabetologist and then he decides whether to continue or refer back to primary care.

I also ring the women weekly up to 28 days to offer support. They are also invited to a post natal group during the following 12 months where I ask them to evaluate the service ( through a questionaire). Some years ago our ladies fed back at post natal group that they felt abandoned after delivery and the intense antenatal support.

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