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Dietetic support for women with diabetes in pregnancy

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re dietician in antenatal clinic

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June 26. 2012
jane morey


We run a joint antenatal diabetes clinic and have a dietician present in clinic who is able to see clients.  I feel this greatly enhances the care we give to both the ladies with pre existing diabetes and our GDms.  If you would like any further info please contact me on jane.morey@nhs.net

kind regards


June 26. 2012
sara miall


We also have a dietitian present every week for the joint diabetes/antenatal clinic. There is however no funding for this and we had to negotiate with our dietitian colleagues. We endeavour to get all our women - pre-existing and gestational diabetes, seen and this is really valuable in managing their diabetes.

Kind regards



June 26. 2012
Caroline Duncombe

We have a dietitian present for our joint clinics on both sites. Am not sure where the funding comes from though.

June 27. 2012
miriam mccarthy


we also have a joint clinic with a dietician. 

June 27. 2012
sharon howard

We have unfortunately never been able to resource a dietician for the joint clinic. We have only been able to secure their services over the last two years to provide a 1 hour session once a week to newly diagnosed GDM women in our diabetes centre but this is not on same day as ANC !

June 27. 2012
sue land

I have a weekly DSM/Dietitian clinc, where we start women with newly diagnosed GDM on diet and BG testing, then see them 1 week later in the joint clinic. The dietitian is also present for the joint clinic every week - this was done by a business case/funding

July 02. 2012
Jane O'Brien

We have a joint clinic every week where a dietician funded by maternity spends 2 hrs/week. As we don't have cover for annual leave she makes those hours up, so it ususally works out at 2.5-3/week.  

July 02. 2012
Erica Thomasson

We have a dietitian in our antenatal/diabetes clinic but only for a one and a half hour session so she allocates 45mins to new pts and 30mins to follow up pts, if she can't see them in ANC she sees them in the PCC or hospital outpatient dept which isn't ideal but the only way we can get round it. She works for the PCT and it has taken her the last five years or so to negotiate with her manager to be able to come to ANC.

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