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Dietetic support for women with diabetes in pregnancy

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preconception clinic

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July 06. 2012
suzannah kelly

can i ask how to other units manage their pre-conceptual clinic for those with type 2 and type 2 diabetes? who runs the clinic? who sees the women and how often are they seen and what format does it take?

July 16. 2012
Jane O'Brien

Hi Suzannah

I manage our preconception care clinic and then refer on to others as required.  I see women every month if their control is poor or every 2-3 months once they have an optimal HbA1c. Some women will only want one appointment and obviously the choice is theirs.

Women are seen every 4 -6 months by the consultant physician alongside myself as well.

Hope this helps


July 20. 2012
suzannah kelly

thanks Jane, are you a midwife or a diabetes nurse? if a midwife do you have diabetes nurse input into preconceptual clinic?

July 23. 2012
Jane O'Brien

I am a Diabetes Midwife but also work as a diabetes nurse 2 days/week.

July 24. 2012
helena broude

we are not following the streoid guide as yet it is under consultation

July 26. 2012
Jane O'Brien

In our clinic we see T1 and T2 and their appointments are dependent on control as above.

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