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Antenatal Corticosteroids to Reduce Neonatal Morbidity (RCOG Green-top 7) - Sonia Clark

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post natal GTT

Up to Antenatal Corticosteroids to Reduce Neonatal Morbidity (RCOG Green-top 7) - Sonia Clark
November 14. 2012
helena broude

Is anyone doing Hba1c for post natal women instead of  GTT

November 18. 2012
Suvaran Kiss

In our trust we do fasting blood glucose instead of GTT.

November 19. 2012
Jane O'Brien

We do fasting blood glucose instead of GTT.

November 21. 2012
chrissie bond

We are doing fasting and HbA1c at 3 months.


November 23. 2012
suzannah kelly

we ask GP to follow women up with full glucose tolerance test, but only 50% do this. the other 50% do a fasting only.

February 11. 2013
Anita Brockbank

We do a postnatal GTT at 6 weeks.

We are struggling with our numbers needing GTTs in pregnancy, does anyone have any bright ideas on innovative ways to provide for this?

We currently do 40-45 GTTs per week, but frequently needing more.

We do this within the ANC as our Assessment ward is already busy.

Staffing currently won't allow, but I think we either need another GTT list running simultaneously or we need primary care to provide these.

Does anyone have their GTTs done in primary care?

Many thanks!

April 25. 2013
Claire Heeley

what criteria do you use for your fasting blood glucose please?

April 26. 2013
suzannah kelly

half our women have their GTT done in primary care at GP surgery and half come to the antenatal day unit. some community midwives like to do their own especially if woman is midwife led care.


we still use diagnostic criteria of fasting over 6 and 2hr level over 7.8


May 31. 2013
Kirstin clark

Hi Anita

Most of our GTT are done in the community by the midwives or MCSW, as all bar one of our antenatal clinics are in the surrounding community hospitals ( we are in N Wales and cover a large rural area). Very few GTT's are done in our ANDU. Uptake is good. For postive GTT's our community midwives will go and start the women BG monitoring usually within 48 hours of the postive result and book them into clinic.

the majority of our PN GTT's are done by the community midwives or MCSW at 6 weeks. Uptake is improving. I haven't audited PN GTT's recently but last time I did it was around 70-80%.

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