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2007 NICE Screening Guidelines - Miriam McCarthy

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GDM screening

Up to 2007 NICE Screening Guidelines - Miriam McCarthy
February 16. 2015
heather chandler

Sorry, our unit dose not screen that many, can see how would be problematic!


February 16. 2015
Anita Brockbank

Hi Miriam

We currently implement all of those GTTs!! (although a rough calculation shows that we offer 14 GTT slots per day which would mean 3600 GTTs so a bit less than yours) We have 8000 births per year.

We started off with healthcare assistants performing the test on the Antenatal CLinic, which has increased to 10 tests each weekday.

In 2013 we started offering 4 more GTTs performed by midwives on our Assessment Unit each weekday.

Currently we manage on these slots, prior to this we had extras on the list pretty regularly.

A small proportion of GPs in one area perform their own GTTs.



February 17. 2015
Helen Probert

H Miriam

 In Cornwall because of our geography almost all GTT's are now performed out in the Community Depending on where in the County but this would include Midwives at the Birth Unit. Maternity Support Workers hold GTT clinics in some areas and others are done at GP surgeries. I can't tell you exactly how many are done as I am only referred the abnormal results. We have around 4600 deliveries a year and around 170 women have GDM (and rising)in a predominently caucasian population.

They were performed in our Day Assessment Unit where there was more control over the test and the results. However there was a funding issue and hence ther test was moved out into the community. 

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