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2007 NICE Screening Guidelines - Miriam McCarthy

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Up to 2007 NICE Screening Guidelines - Miriam McCarthy
October 14. 2020
Jane O'Brien

I am investigating whether we should be using GDM Healthcare App/technology for the monitoring of blood sugars for the GDM’s in our trust. I have had the meeting about the actual technology but was wondering if I could speak with someone in another trust to see how easy this is to use. Our population of women are mainly women from poor socioeconomic backgrounds and English is not their first language so was wondering if anyone with similar population are using this already.


Would you be able to post this on the network for me?


Many thanks

Liz Phillips

Midwife for diabetes at Barking Havering and Redbridge NHS Trust

October 30. 2020
Helen Probert

Hi Liz

We have been using the app for the last month. Although probably not using it to it’s full potential yet we are finding it very useful. Our main issue is our geography and travelling to clinic  (pre COVID) quite challenging for some. We were already using a wireless meter with the Diasend app but the GDm app is more interactive. 

Kind Regards 

Helen Probert

Royal Cornwall Hospital 



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