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2007 NICE Screening Guidelines - Miriam McCarthy Public view | Network member posting
The team at King's College are trying to implement the 2007 NICE screening guidelines which would mean doing over 5000 GTT per year. Does anyone else do so many if so how is the service provided?
by Jane O'Brien May 10. 2021
re: Recent Published Research
Antenatal Corticosteroids to Reduce Neonatal Morbidity (RCOG Green-top 7) - Sonia Clark Public view | Network member posting
What are midwives doing about the Green-top 7 guideline published in Oct 2010 (http://www.rcog.org.uk/files/rcog-corp/GTG%207.pdf) which recommends ante natal steroids for women delivered before 38+6 by elective CS. Does anyone have any guidelines on how to handle this with Type 1, Type 2 and GDM on insulin as Sonia's trust deliver all their ladies on insulin at 38 weeks. This is causing problems with BG Levels/need for insulin infusion prior to delivery, especially with Type 1.
by Jane O'Brien May 09. 2018
re: Re: Place of birth for women with GDM
Antenatal steroids - Jan Liddie (Milton Keynes Hospital) Public view | Network member posting
Do units follow the RCOG guideline for antenatal steroids for women undergoing caesarean section before 39 weeks?
by heather chandler May 07. 2013
re: Re: Insulin dose adjustment
Cardiac scans Public view | Network member posting
Message from Helena Broude, Diabetes Specialist Midwife at Pennine Acute Hospitals Trust We do a cardiac scan at 20 weeks (4 chamber view and out flow tracts) for Type 1. Does anyone do anything different? Thanks a lot Helena
by Elizabeth Phillips October 27. 2011
re: Cardiac Scans
Dietetic support for women with diabetes in pregnancy Public view | Network member posting
What involvement of the dietitian do you have within your service for women with diabetes in pregnancy? Do you have a dietitian present within your antenatal diabetic clinics? Many thanks Liz Phillips DSM Barking, Havering & Redbridge University Hospitals NHS Trust
by Jane O'Brien July 26. 2012
re: Re: preconception clinic
DVD on diet for the women with gestational diabetes Public view | Network member posting
Sally Barker, Diabetic Specialist Midwife, Frimley Park NHS Foundation Trust is looking into developing a DVD on diet for the women with gestational diabetes and wondered if any unit already has one or has done any work like this.
by Edwina Lee June 13. 2013
re: Re: DVD
Follow up after delivery - Liz Phillips Public view | Network member posting
How do you follow up type 1 and type 2 diabetic ladies after they have delivered and gone home. Are they seen in a postnatal clinic and if so what is discussed and who sees them? Liz Phillips Diabetic Specialist Midwife Barking Havering and Redbridge NHS Trust.
by heather chandler November 30. 2011
re: Re: Follow up after delivery - Jane Downie
GDM Clinics - Caroline Duncombe Public view | Network member posting
Currently all our women with GDM attend the Joint ANC. Do any of you have separate clinics for women with GDM controlled with diet or metformin? If so, what is the managemant pathway? Many thanks.
by sara miall July 13. 2018
re: Re: Joint Diabetes/AN Clinic
Induction of women with gestational diabetes Public view | Network member posting
Jacquie Smith, Diabetes Midwife, University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay NHS Foundation Trust, would like to know if other units induce their ladies early with gestational diabetes if they have a normally grown baby and are diet controlled with very good blood sugars.
by suzannah kelly March 21. 2014
re: Re: induction for GDM
Labour Policies - Mandy Cooper Public view | Network member posting
Do you have a policy specifically for DKA in pregnancy? Also do you always use sliding scale in labour? And are your women always fasted in established labour. In otherwords could you send me a copy of your labour policies for GDM, DM1 and or DM2 Mandy Cooper, Primary Care Facilitator-Diabetes, Nobles Hospital, Isle of Man .
by Sooi-Mai Jones November 16. 2011
re: DKA guidelines in pregnancy
Late pregnancy GTT - Elizabeth Phillips Public view | Network member posting
Do you have a gestation of pregnancy where you will not do a GTT (late pregnancy) for persistent glyscouria / macrosomia / polyhdraminos. We are constantly having registrars sending women for GTTs after 36 weeks.
by Sadie Hafford July 04. 2013
re: Re: late POGTT
Leaflets which discuss Gestational Diabetes in other languages Public view | Network member posting
Rachel Earp, Diabetes Midwife, East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust wants to know if any of you have a source of leaflets which discuss Gestational Diabetes in other languages - most importantly Urdu, Hindi and Bengali. She uses the Accu Chek monitor for these women and can suppport their teaching with their leaflet, but this information is directed simply at use of the monitor.
by Rachael Seymour March 31. 2011
re: Re: Diabetes Information for the Asian Community
Neonatal Hypoglycaemia Public view | Network member posting
I wondered whether women treated with diet or Metformin follow the neonatal hypoglycamia guidelines after delivery in your unit?
by Jane O'Brien July 08. 2013
re: Re: direct entry diabetes midwife
NICE Guidelines GTT Public view | Network member posting
At present we get our GDM and T2DM women to test their blood glucose pre meal one day, keeping BM's between 4.0-5.5, and 2 hours post prandial, keeping below 7.0. Our T1 women just test pre meal, keeping between 4.0-5.5. They don't do any post prandial testing. We had a discussion about changing to NICE guidelines, as one of the other hospitals in our trust uses them. How many units use the NICE guidelines, what do you tell the women about testing 1 hour post prandial - is it at the start of the meal, end of the meal, 1 hour after giving their insulin? Also did you have any problems when changing your targets and monitoring? Do you get your T1 women to test post prandial at all? We are auditing our outcomes at the moment to see if they are better, the same or worse than the national outcomes to see if we have any evidence to say that we should change to NICE guidelines, and we are also going to wait til next year as NICE is due to update then. In the meantime any information would be gratefully received. thanks Kirstin Clark Ysbyty Glan Clwyd, N Wales
by Jane O'Brien November 21. 2011
re: Re: blood glucose testing
Non-Medical Prescribers Public view | Network member posting
Are there any Diabetes Specialist Midwives who are non-medical prescribers who would be interested in setting up a form/group to share practices/experiences?
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Normalising Diabetes Public view | Network member posting
Sadie Hafford, Diabetes Specialist Midwife at South London Healthcare NHS Trust would like any relevant info or ideas regarding normalising diabetes for a presentation to be given to the Head of Midwifery etc.. She has included communication, breastfeeding, continuity of care, etc Are there any relevant lit/reviews to add to this?
by Sadie Hafford June 12. 2011
re: Re: Normalising diabetes
Sliding scale insulin for labour, delivery and ELSCS for women on insulin Public view | Network member posting
Peggy Woodward, Diabetes Specialist Midwife at St Michael's Hospital in Bristol wants to know if any units have different guidelines for Type 1, Type 2 and GDM.
by Julie Logue October 24. 2011
re: Re: sliding scale for labour etc
Sliding scales used both in labour and for steroids Public view | Network member posting
Mandy Cooper, Primary Care Facilitator-Diabetes,Isle of Man wants to know if anyone can share their differing sliding scales used both in labour and for steroids.
by Heather Davies May 15. 2019
re: Re: Better Births and Diabetes
Treatment for diabetes in pregnancy - Anya Wright Public view | Network member posting
Is there data available in different centres for women with diabetes in pregnancy (type 1, type 2 or GDM) on the ratio of those on treatment (be it insulin alone, Metformin alone or a combination of both)to those solely diet controlled.
by Jane O'Brien November 08. 2018
re: Re: Insulin treated GDM
Use of insulin pumps for LSCS - posted by Heather Chandler Public view | Network member posting
Recently our lady with a pump had a LSCS she had been fine throughout pregnancy until the night prior to LSCS she had a hypo, it was treated with glucogel and then had a glucose infusion started which she maintained normal blood glucose levels with her pump. She reports being anxious, not eating as much as normal and thus probably giving herself a bit too much insulin, it was also quite a warm day,so everything was explainable but i just wondered if anyone else had experience of a LSCS with a pump and whether they advised reducing cho ratio for meal prior or any other tick or just see what happens!! all thoughts and experience welcome!
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National Diabetes in Pregnancy Conference Public view | Network member posting
The Tower Hotel, St Katherine’s Way London, E1W 1LD Online registration Diabetes UK are holding their 5th National Diabetes in Pregnancy Conference, supported by Novo Nordisk. This educational event will consist of interactive presentations and workshops, delivered by professionals in the field, about various aspects of diabetes in pregnancy including: •Preventing gestational diabetes in pregnancy: evidence, limitations and wider context •National Diabetes in Pregnancy Audit •Technological advances for treating women with diabetes in pregnancy. As with the previous four National Diabetes in Pregnancy Conferences, the day will be interesting and informative with numerous opportunities to network with healthcare professionals, researchers and pharmaceutical companies. For further details of the event, please see the programme for the day (Word, 1MB) https://www.diabetes.org.uk/Events_in_full/Conferences/Conferences_DiabetesUK/National-Diabetes-in-Pregnancy-Conference1/
by karen hewitt September 22. 2016
re: Re: As a reminder
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