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October 27. 2017
Rebekah Knight

Apologies for the repeated posts- had a few teething issues with activating replies on the discussions and have had to delete everything and put it back on to make it work!

Please share any ideas you might have about how we can organise the club going forwards.

Questions to think about...

How often should we post a journal?

Who should choose the articles?

How do we make sure that articles are relevant to all or do we individually pick and choose which article we comment and get involved with?

How much time do we need to read the journals suggested?

How long do we leave the journal open to comments?

Do we want structured questions to think about for each journal article or do we leave it as a bit of a free comment space and see what themes come out?

Should this be completely online or do we want to try and meet up occasionally?


If you can think of anything else that's great! I have some ideas that I had thought of initially but would like it to be a group agreement.


October 27. 2017

MB- original post deleted:

Post a recent journal article(s) and allow critiques/discussion on it ?

It could feed into what is happening in the department. For example - Rapid arc for breast planning and treatment.

Happy to go with your thoughts on how it could work though . MB

November 20. 2017
Rebekah Knight

Has anyone had any thoughts about an article for December? Or is there a lot of leave that we'd be better starting up again in January?

Let me know, happy to go with the majority.

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