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Adastra/Advanced Health and Care Information Sharing

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June 23. 2013
David Stone

One of our CCGs has asked us to comment on an ISA between AHC and HSCIC.

I have looked in to this and the agreement is not valid. Further, the SCR team at HSCIC have not had it approved by their IG Team.

The agreement needs to be between the data controlling organisation that has purchased the Adastra software and HSCIC, plus there must be a contract instruction from the data controller to Adastra instructing them to share the data.

Thought you might like the heads up as I am sure some of your CCGs will just sign.

June 28. 2013
Janet King

That's very interesting David, given how widely Adastra is used across the NHS should this be raised at a national level?

June 29. 2013
David Stone

Janet, I had hoped that was what I was doing by posting it here!

July 04. 2013
David Stone

Quick update on this issue. We have now decided that there is no PCD, that this isn't an ISA and should form the basis of an instruction by the data controller to the data processor to release the data to HSCIC (obviously the contract would limit their ability to act without written instruction). Eitherway, not a CCG issue.

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