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Cross-border healthcare Directive: latest position (Nov 2010)

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Cross-border healthcare Directive: latest position (Nov 2010)

The European Parliament (where MEPs sit) debated the draft Directive last week. The attached link gives an account of what was agreed, to give you a flavour of where this agenda may be heading:



What follows now is a(nother) period of negotiation between the Council, Parliament and Commission which is likely to continue up to the Christmas break. The European Parliament will vote on its second reading between the 17th and 20th of January 2011. The Council will then be asked whether or not it is able to agree to the text following the second reading vote. If not, then the Directive will go through the Conciliation process.

It is possible that if a Second Reading agreement is reached that the Directive would be finalised by early spring in 2011.