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How are introductions going with your buddy Trust ?

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March 10. 2015
Lucy Readings

We'd love to hear about how your introductions are going with your buddy trust. What have you done so far? What are the next steps? Please share a quick update.

March 11. 2015
Trish Hughes

Good Morning. Shresbury and Telford hospital are coming to visit us on the 24th of March. So looking forward to sharing our experience at St Georges with them.



March 11. 2015
Julia McAdam

Good afternoon

Shrewsbury and Telford very much looking forward to visiting. A number of our CNS teams have expressed an interest in forming relationships with St George's CNS teams, particularly CUP, Colorectal and Lung. Our CUP MDT is fairly new (12 months) so evolving all of the time. The Lung and Colorectal teams are very well established, but possibly a bit 'stuck in their ways', so sharing working practices would be great.

We also have a Macmilan Integrated Therapies team who are evolving- they are keen to share ideas too.

Exciting times!

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