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Coventry and Warwicksire Emergency Care Network

Programme Highlight Report 050310

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Programme Highlight Report 050310

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Liverpool Network Alliance: Leadership development programme for non-clinical leads
This network is to support the delegates of the Liverpool Networks Alliance: Leadership development programme for non-clinical leads.
Keywords: ('liverpool', 'network', 'alliance', 'leadership', 'development', 'programme')
Midlands & East Streamlining Programme
Streamlining Midlands & East is a regional programme steered by the Local HR Directors Network across over 70 organisations to provide a consistent and ...
Keywords: ('west', 'east of england', 'east')
NCT Collaborative Programme
To develop the role and function of Neighbourhood Care Teams and to work with partners to improve the care of people with long term conditions, providing care ...
Keywords: ('neighbourhood care teams', 'collaborative improvement programme')
NHSI Retention Support Programme Cohort 2
This is a closed network for trusts within cohort 2 of the Retention Support programme to share information and good practices, whilst offering a closed ...
Keywords: ('nhsi', 'retention', 'support', 'programme', 'improvement')
North West London Confident Leader programme
This network is to support the North West London development set who are taking part on the Confident Leader programme.
Keywords: ('north west london', 'confident leader programme')
North West London PCN CD development programme
This is a closed network for North West London PCN clinical directors booked on to the PCC development programme.
Keywords: ('north', 'west', 'london', 'pcn', 'development')
NW London Digital Programme
North West London Digital Programme
Keywords: ('nw london digital programme',)
NWTH Felllowship Programme
Available to all newly-qualified GPs and nurses working in general practice, with an explicit focus on working within and across a Primary Care Network (PCN).
Keywords: ('fellowship', 'gp', 'north west')
Paired Learning Programme
This network is designed to connect all the participants and Imperial College Healthcare Lead Provider of the Paired Learning Programme.
Keywords: ('paired learning',)
Practice Manager Development Programme North Central London
This network is to support delegates who are taking part on the Practice manager development programme North Central London programme.
Keywords: ('practice', 'manager', 'development', 'programme', 'north central london')