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About us

The aim of the Coventry and Warwickshire Children and Young People’s Network is to achieve excellent sustainable clinical services and improve outcomes for the Children and Young People (CaYP), delivered consistently and equitably drawing on the critical mass of Coventry and Warwickshire


Chairs of the CYP Network:

David Widdas, Consultant Nurse for Children with Complex Care Needs, Warwickshire Community Health, Exhall Grange School

Dr Andy Coe, Neonatalogist, University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire NHS Trust, Coventry

CYP Network Manager:

Diane Oláh-White, Project Manager - Children's, Neonatal and Maternity Services and Maternity Network Manager, NHS Warwickshire and NHS Coventry

Terms of Reference for the Network: To work in partnership to ensure effective mechanisms are in place to:


    • To improve clinical services. 
    • Develop common standards, protocols and audit arrangements to support high quality services.
    • To be an expert clinical panel to give expert advice for commissioning groups and/or the specialised services commissioning groups and providers of children’s services.
    • Support and facilitate communication across and between clinical services, reflecting local perspectives.

§         Share learning and roll out best practice.

    • Contribute towards workforce development and planning strategies for projected staff numbers and the redesign of models of care.
    • Sustainability, clinical safety and quality are priorities as well as be able to monitor governance and audit cost effectiveness of the service as well as value.
    • Embrace nationally agreed standards
    • Support and facilitate joint educational ventures
    • To provide a direct link between clinical expertise, commissioners and GP’s.
    • Clinical advice on workforce development, training, case mix, critical mass, environment, optimum service and clinical sustainability
    • Effectively engage with and integrate the views of service users into helping to shape service delivery.


Network Structure.

·         The Children and Young People’s Network will consist of a Paediatric nurse leads, Paediatrician, and Clinical Director for Paediatrics, Allied Health Professionals, Trust Managers of Children’s Services, Community Health, GP’s as well as Primary Care Trust (PCT) Commissioners.

·         The draft core membership is shown below with balanced representation geographically and professionally. Members are to act as conduits of two-way information for their respective organisations and professional groups. Membership will be subject to review at agreed intervals.

·         The full Network will agree its work plan and priorities and establish working groups accordingly, with co-opted members as appropriate. Co-opted members may represent the Local Authority, the Voluntary Sector and users, as agreed.

·         Chairs of sub-groups will join the core membership and will reflect the work stream of the sub-group


The Network will not duplicate work streams for which mechanisms are already established. The Network must ensure that effective links with the Central Newborn Network, Coventry & Warwickshire Maternity Network and any other networks are made so that work is neither isolated nor duplicated by the respective Networks.