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October 09. 2015
Doug Crix
Dear all, As many of you will know/have noticed, there is a health symposium as part of the main CFT conference in Manchester later this month - which we think is a excellent showcase for the work you all do. We have Andrew Medley talking about cancer, Becky Chasey talking about pain and Frankie Maratos talking about the therapeutic value of physical touch. We had planned to have a talk on ethics/health organisations but unfortunately the speaker had to pull out. (I notice however that there is an organisational mini symposia anyway elsewhere in the programme, which will hopefully cover health as well as mental health systems). We tried to get talks which cover different aspects of health, but obviously cannot in that short period fairly represent all the CFT-physical health work that is going on out there. There is a section at the end of the symposium where we will attempt to look very briefly at the themes of the presentations so far, but would like to add a list of where CFT is being used significantsly in physical health settings, and to flag up where ongoing research is happening. It will only be a couple of slides but we are keen to tell the CFT community how dynamic our area of CFT work is. We have some idea from previous meetings of who is doing what, but could you email us with the following information in the next couple of weeks and we will collate it. We will then circulate a table which can be added to. Information required: Name Locality (as much or as little as you want) Physical health domains working in with CFT Ongoing research themes So, for me: Alex Westcombe RD&E; Hospital, Exeter Persistent Pain qualitative evaluation of men's CFT group (I work in the burns service too, and although CFT informs how I talk with, and think about, patients, I could not hand on heart say CFT forms the core of my work there. So I have not included that). Please either respond to this message on the network or e-mail us at: cmphysicalhealth@gmail.com Thanks Alex & Doug Alex Westcombe Clinical Psychologist
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