NHS staff can help shape a new email platform for the health service

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

The NHSmail 2 project team has established a presence on NHS Networks to help stimulate conversations about what the new platform should ideally deliver. You can find the project’s network at http://www.networks.nhs.uk/nhs-networks/nhsmail-2 The contract for the current NHS email service expires in June 2014 and work is underway on identifying the requirements staff expect of its successor. The NHSmail 2 project team is holding a detailed requirements-gathering exercise throughout November and the network is a key route for NHS staff to feed into that process. The current platform has 500,000 active users within the NHS, with over 150 organisations using it as their sole email platform. It provides email, a calendar and diary administration function and a directory. It also offers protection against SPAM and a mail relay service to connect non-NHSmail users. Dr Simon Eccles, senior responsible owner for NHSmail, said: “The NHSmail 2 project is starting work with a clean sheet of paper. No assumptions have yet been made about the solution, so we must take this opportunity to make sure the future service is shaped by all health and social care organisations”