Guide to Health Record Access

Monday, 30 July 2012

Produced by the Patient Information Forum for practitioners, managers and organisations of people using health and social care services.

Guide to Health Record Access

Patient Information Forum - Guide to Health Records Access


This Guide is about shared Personal Health Records (PHRs) - an exciting new development with enormous potential to facilitate a step change in the extent to which individuals are involved in managing, and making decisions about, their health.

This guide is aimed at practitioners, managers and patient organisations in health and social care in the UK. It gives a vision for the future of Personal Health Records, and an understanding of some of the challenges and barriers which must be overcome in order to realise their full potential. It points to solutions to these barriers and is, in effect, a call to action.

The Guide brings together the perspectives of policy makers, clinicians, suppliers and patients themselves. Throughout the text, case studies illustrate the current status of records access around the UK and the potential for the future.