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Interesting article and debate on SCR

Up to CAF for Adults Discussion Forum
October 24. 2012
Carl Evans

Joe McDonald's article in E-Health Insider has raised some interesting debate and comment.


In view of past decisioons that affected almost all the CAF sites, is this (at least) three years too late?

October 25. 2012

The original article is very interesting and I have heard Joe tell his very powerful story before. It's a pity that the debate that follows it is very theoretical and isn't more grounded in people's real life experiences of trying to live their lives and manage their own care/support at the same time. More illustrations of what SCR could potentially do/not do for people would be helpful, particularly if they included the unmentioned and unacknowledged world of social care ( the voluntary sector may be several steps too far at this stage).

The current 'vision' is for people to manage their own long term condition(s) - would the SCR be a useful tool to support that? Or is it more pragmatic to back the 'online access to my GP record' horse in this particular race? Or both?


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