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CAF Lessons Learnt - Overview

Practical learning and guidance from the CAF Demonstrator Site Programme

The Lessons Learnt structure shows the topics covered in the ‘Lessons Learnt’ including Redesigning systems: what an organisation might need to know, Technical approaches: IT operations and General programme issues. Each document is designed to stand alone so although there may be areas of overlap, duplication has been reduced through the provision of links from one lesson learnt to another where related issues are covered. See link for a diagram showing the structure of the lessons learnt which will help you to navigate the site Lessons Learnt structure

See link for a glossary of acronyms used in the CAF Programme Glossary of acronyms


These lessons learnt cover a variety of topics and are a collection of learning, principles, challenges, examples, useful links and further considerations that have come out of the Common Assessment Framework (CAF) for Adults Demonstrator Programme. They will be useful for organisations planning and working on the integration of health, social care and voluntary organisations and in giving service users and carers access to their own information. They may also be of interest to those wanting to know more about the CAF Programme, the Social Care Personal Demographics Service Early Adopter Programme or for those involved in some of the related programmes such as Personalisation, Personal Health Budgets (PHB) and Right to Control (RtC). It is intended to be practical guidance rather than academic analysis or a systematic review.

These lessons learnt documents have been developed with CAF sites, their stakeholders and suppliers and are a reflection of their experiences throughout the Programme. Consultation with Connecting for Health has been carried out on all the relevant aspects of these lessons learnt. The lessons learnt have been pulled together by the CAF Coordinators who supported the sites throughout the CAF Programme.