New discretionary payments for people infected with hepatitis C

A new charity has been established by the Department to provide financial assistance for those people who were infected with hepatitis C before September 1991, as a result of NHS treatment by blood transfusions or blood products. The establishment of the Caxton Foundation is part of a package of improved support announced in January 2011. The foundation will make discretionary payments to affected patients and their families or in the case of deceased patients to their families, where they are in financial need as a result of their infection. To qualify as a potential beneficiary, individuals or a direct family member must have already received a payment from the Skipton Fund. Claimants will also need to be able to demonstrate that the help they are seeking is genuinely necessary, and cannot be financed from their own resources. The foundation will begin to initiate payments in November.

Source: Department of Health
Date: 27 October 2011