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Benefits for Members in the Operational Phase

The team members and decision makers within the operational phase will have additional benefits above and beyond those of the general population accessing the LTC Commissioning website. The list below highlights some of the benefits included but is not exhaustive.

Learning and experience of others

  • Involvement in a movement with energy and momentum around large scale system change required to ensure sustainability of long term conditions care in the NHS for the future generations to come within an acceptable financial envelope.
  • Access to a national network of fellow learners
  • Access to best practice examples from the Ignition phase
  • Access to local and national examples
  • Access to a nationwide network of experts and fellow-learners, sharing solutions for a shared challenge to improve the outcomes success rate
  • Buddying arrangements and links to other teams for sharing and learning

Coaching and support

  • Access to national coaches who have already been working with Ignition phase sites within this workstream on implementation of the drivers.
  • Access to the national coaches who will bring continuity of expertise and will provide support and training for local people.
  • Access to additional coaching as necessary from highly experienced quality improvers and change managers.
  • Coaching and mentoring for your service improvement team lead
  • Coaching calls with your service improvement team lead
  • Access to events management assistance at a local level
  • The opportunity to co-produce the development programme within your region to meet your bespoke needs

Purposely designed and focused materials

  • Access to the members guide
  • Diagnostic tool to help you design what you need
  • Access to templates to ease implementation of the changes and capturing of the evidence of outcomes as the work progresses.
  • Detailed searches of topic areas

National perspectives

To support the workstream there will be a number of strands of work that your dedicated link National coach can give access to information about and advice regarding developments and progress related to the National perspective on ;

  • Changes to the financial model - A commissioning group has designed a number of recommendations for changes to PbR and tariff that will ensure that the commissioning model supports the delivery model being promoted through the workstream, with a particular focus on realising efficiencies. This work will be ongoing and participants will be kept abreat of the potential changes.
  • Third Sector Working - A group of seventeen of the leading third sector organisations allows patient groups to have an ongoing input into the development of the workstream. This group is central in helping to create the ‘pull’ from patients that is required within the system to systematise supported self care / shared decision making.
  • Workforce - We are analysing the implications that the LTC care model will have on the workforce. The intention is to assist workforce planners with information regarding the appropriate skill mix and competencies for the future workforce. This will be made available to participants first.
  • Attendance as negotiated at team meetings for support and overview of National picture