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What do you think the priority should be for the health service once the pressure caused by the pandemic is over?

Getting routine waiting times reduced
Cancer treatment
Allowing time for frontline staff to recover
Detecting and managing long term conditions
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Links to useful resources for the commissioning community including vital networks.

Over 900 members are now using this website to share and discuss issues, challenges and success. The Commissioning Connection is part of a larger community of networks, all of which are identified within the Commissioning Zone where they contribute vital resources and intelligence.

Commissioning Zone

Resources such as policy, guidance, tools, data, reports, analysis, case studies, best practice and other sources of information are all identified in the Commissioning Zone, for which we recommend you sign up to receive bulletins. 

National networks

National Clinical Commissioning Network 

This is a vital and growing group of clinical leaders working closely with the other groups, including the Healthcare Professional Commissioning Network, supporting the development and implementation of commissioning reform.

Healthcare Professionals Commissioning Network

Dentists, pharmacists, optometrist, nurses and allied health professionals all want to convey the significant message that successful healthcare commissioning needs to be multi-disciplinary in order to best support the quality and productivity challenge

NHS Clinical Leaders Network

A national, professional leadership network for clinicians in England to bring together a broad range of local clinical champions to initiate positive, transformational change and spread good practice across the NHS.

Health Investment Network 

Part of QIPP Right Care, this website is designed to provide access to the latest knowledge and tools to optimise your health investment and disinvestment decisions.

Regional networks

Yorkshire & Humber PBC Network

East of England Practice Based Commissioning Network

East Midlands PBC Network

Local networks

North Derbyshire Clinical Commissioning Network


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