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NHS Clinical Soft Intelligence (NHSCSI) Service

What is the NHS Clinical Soft Intelligence service?


What is the NHS Clinical Soft Intelligence service?

The NHS Clinical Soft Intelligence (NHSCSI) service connects people to share intelligence and good practice.

NHSCSI have a proven approach to recognising the valuable collective knowledge and experience of patients, frontline staff and commissioners and how to harness and share it, across all fields of health and care

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For examples of our work see #rehabimprovers

Our skills and experience lie in: 

  • Connecting providers, commissioners and service users across the system to enable cross sector conversations and allow individuals to have a voice
  • Harnessing valuable intelligence and experience at all levels to be able to share good practice and service innovation
  • Creating an environment and ongoing opportunities to drive sustainable change and service improvement

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dawn.smith@nhs-commissioning.net or

Examples of our work

Key stakeholder engagement: A vision of what good looks like for rehabilitation services

Commissioned by the Department of Health, NHSCSI recruited a wide range of service users, establishing a Service User Reference Group to gather and analyse data to produce a vision. This was then refined with a group of 105 commissioners and providers from across the health and social care spectrum including the voluntary sector, to describe the enablers and barriers to delivering this vision.
Download the summary slides describing the process and outcomes of this project

Social mobilisation and collaboration to support change

NHSCSI creates bespoke face-to-face events and online resources to support problem solving, the sharing of best practice and innovation and collaborative programmes of change. See our extensive experience of running a series of networking and sharing events:
Series of vodcasts and webinars on networking for change, transition from child to adult services, creating partnerships between clinicians, finance and commissioning.

Series of presentations covering relationship building, breaking down boundaries, evidence of best practice and making services work better.

Soft intelligence to enhance project collaboration

NHSCSI harnesses the use of soft intelligence to capture and share local experiences that can enhance project collaboration and stakeholder engagement including those often unconnected in more traditional change programmes.
See an example of a Soft Intelligence Bulletin, capturing the local experiences of issues related to service improvement.

The Improving Rehabilitation Services COP (IRSCOP) commissioned by NHS England, is an example of this. With over 500 participants and an online forum, participants included clinicians, managers, people using services, health and care commissioners, provider organisations, academics and education providers.


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