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NHS Clinical Soft Intelligence (NHSCSI) Service

Improving Rehabilitation Services Community of Practice


Improving Rehabilitation Services Community of Practice

The web-based resources available here remain open to anyone with an interest in improving rehabilitation services. It is hoped that both the body of work built by the Improving Rehabilitation Service Community of Practice (IRSCOP) and the connections made will be built upon as those passionate about rehabilitation continue to exercise their potential to make a difference.

The NHS Clinical Soft Intelligence service (NHSCSI) was commissioned by NHS England to support the development of the IRSCOP between 2012 and 2016 as part of its Improving Rehabilitation Services Programme. The IRSCOP was a multi-sector, multi professional group used to share intelligence and learning concerning the opportunities and challenges of providing and commissioning good rehabilitation.

Commissioning Guidance for Rehabilitation recognises rehabilitation as a personalised, interactive and collaborative process, reflecting the whole person.  It enables an individual to maximise their potential to live a full and active life within their family, social networks, education/training and the workplace where appropriate. Rehabilitation can take place at any time across a life course or in a continuum and may include habilitationreablement and recovery.

As NHS England now focuses on embedding rehabilitation into its overall clinical priority programmes; the NHSCSI report Improving Rehabilitation Service Community of Practice:  Networking for sustainable improvement in rehabilitation proposes that it is vital that people continue to network within and across regions to capture the contribution of rehabilitation and inform regional and local strategic priorities and Sustainable Transformation Plans.

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