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Improving Rehabilitation Services: a community of practice

This webpage is a resource for readers who wish to (1) harness a diversity of expertise and advice to support improvement of rehabilitation; (2) ensure that the impact, value and contribution of rehabilitation informs strategic planning including Sustainable transformation Plans

The resources contained or linked to in this page include what has been learned, achieved and produced by the ‘Improving Rehabilitation* Services Community of Practice’ (IRSCOP) plus resources that participants have found useful.  It is hoped that interested readers will take these forward and build upon them.

The NHS Clinical Soft Intelligence Service (NHSCSI) was commissioned by the Chief Allied Health Professions Officer, NHS England to support the IRSCOP over four years up to the end of July 2016.  This multi-sector, multi professional group was used to share intelligence and learning concerning the opportunities and challenges of providing and commissioning good rehabilitation.  NHSCSI wishes to thank everyone who contributed to the commissioned project. 

This web-based resource remains open to anyone with an interest in improving rehabilitation services and it is hoped that both the body of work built by the IRSCOP and that the connections made will be built upon as those passionate about rehabilitation continue to exercise their potential to make a difference. 

A final report produced by NHSCSI describing the breadth, contribution and detail of the original project and detailing the resources available can be found here: [link to] Improving Rehabilitation Service Community of Practice:  Networking for sustainable improvement in rehabilitation

In order to communicate and share documents, the Community of Practice also used an open forum on NHS Networks, which anyone can still view and use. Please note, from 1 August 2016, NHSCSI are no longer moderating or adding products to this webpage or forum.

See links below.

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Go to online forum for 2015/16

Go to online forum for October 2014 to 2015

Go to online forum for June 2013 to May 2014

* ‘Rehabilitation is a personalised, interactive and collaborative process, reflecting the whole person.  It enables an individual to maximise their potential to live a full and active life within their family, social networks, education/training and the workplace where appropriate.

Rehabilitation can take place at any time across a life course or in a continuum and may include habilitation, reablement and recovery.