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Meet the team

The NHSCSI team is made up of professionals with a wealth of experience in the healthcare sector.


Katherine Andrews

Katherine brings 17 years’ experience of successfully developing and managing health learning networks. Her focus has been on supporting groups to effectively interact to improve patient outcomes, share learning and demonstrate value. An example of which was organising a series of 50+ workshops for the Engaging Communities Learning Network for Primary Care and continued into supporting networks for social enterprise, commissioning and leadership.

Katherine is currently leading a learning and developing programme with the National Association of Primary Care, and focuses on a tailored, collaborative approach to design and deliver training programmes for frontline health and care staff.

Katherine believes the key to successful networking is to allow people to collaborate across sectors and professions, identify shared goals, recognise enablers and barriers, develop creative solutions and take action.

Katherine is a fully qualified in Project Management and a Learning and Development Manager


Dr Anne Gordon

Anne holds a senior leadership role with strategic, clinical and research experience developed from a UK (NHS Foundation Trust)and  healthcare systems in Australia and Kenya.  She continues to focus on international research collaboration. A highly experienced consultant level occupational therapist, Anne has strong interpersonal skills in building collaborative relationships and synthesising data from multiple sources.

Anne has led a number of impactful service-user engagement projects resulting in service improvements and clinical standards initiatives. Leading the national scoping project of children’s rehabilitation for NHS England in 2015, Anne ran a series of national stakeholder engagement workshops resulting in national recommendations to improve equity of access to care for children and young people. 

Anne is a member of the Children & Young People Clinical Leadership group for the  Healthy London Partnership (NHS London), the British Academy of Childhood Disability and Health Education England Children and Young People Expert Advisory Group and is chair  of the national child stroke advisory committee for the Stroke Association. She has a strong publication track record in peer reviewed journals and supervises post-graduate and doctoral level students.  She is regularly invited to speak at national and international forums including the All Parliamentary Party Group, the British Society of Rheumatology, the Society for Rehabilitation Research and the UK Stroke Forum.


Edna Robinson

As founder of the NHS Clinical Soft Intelligence Service Edna strongly believes in supporting clinicians to share intelligence and best practice. She also established NHS Networks, a web based network system, currently used by 70,000 people per week.

She has held several senior positions within the NHS, including Chief Executive of  PCT and Hospital Trusts, Special Advisor to the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, Chair of the Liverpool Women’s NHS Foundation Trust and Chair of the Advisory Board to Richard Branson’s Virgin Health Group.

Edna is a successful public sector leader and has been chair of both The Big Life Group, the largest social business in the North West and the Trafford Housing Trust since 2013. Edna established the Greater Manchester Chairs Group in May 2015, a forum allowing Non-Executive Leaders of Housing Providers to share knowledge and expertise for strategic leadership in the sector.


Dawn Smith

Dawn has 27 years’ NHS experience as a provider and leader of clinical services. She is passionately dedicated to the power of networks to drive clinically-led, patient-centred service improvement and as a means of activating and spreading innovation.

Dawn’s experience includes leading a successfull program of 30 services focused on delivering local improvements in access, outcomes, productivity and user experience for the Department of Health’s national Allied Health Professionals Service Improvement Project. She has been a professional coach for clinical leaders within the NHS, a member of the national Transforming Community Services (TCS) Board, including an assessor for the TCS Leadership Challenge and an Associate Director of Clinical Leadership and Quality in an NHS trust.

Dawn’s successes include reducing waiting times and increasing inter-agency collaboration and user satisfaction through service redesign as Professional Head of Speech and Language Therapy (SLT).

In addition to her clinical and leadership background, Dawn holds a Masters in Organisational Development and Consultancy an approach that informs her work with networks, organisations and individuals in the design of collaborative approaches to improvement.



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