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About us

Be part of the global movement of health professionals working together to promote sustainability and health.

Whatever you’re looking for – whether a way to green your practice, details on global advocacy against climate change, more information or a platform for your ideas and experiences - we want to hear from you.  

To be more involved, find information at www.climateandhealth.org, and sign up to the network www.climateandhealth.org/sign_up.html 


The Climate and Health Council is a not-for-profit organisation of health care professionals. For more information, visit www.climateandhealth.org, here you can also

use the forum - www.climateandhealth.org/forum

read latest magazine posts - www.climateandhealth.org/magazine.html


"Climate change, left unchecked, will cause changes in patterns of infectious disease, increased frequency of extreme weather events, rising sea levels, water and food insecurity.

"If we design climate change policy to maximise the health benefits, it will be the silver lining to the cloud of global warming. It’s the only bit of good news in the whole story." Professor Ian Roberts, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, CHC Board Member"

"As a group, and as individuals, we have the power to take action. We want to be able to look back from a healthier, sustainable future and say that when the difficult decisions had to be made we acted decisively. We were the ones who transformed the health system and provided our children with a fair opportunity to flourish."


"Six thousand health professionals have already signed the Climate and Health Council pledge as of October 2010. Can your support make a difference?

YES!  Take action with your colleagues, and with your peers globally.

1. Sign the pledge (www.climateandhealth.org/the_pledge_31.html).

Add your voice to the growing number of health professionals across the world who support international agreements on climate change.

Through the Climate and Health Council, your voice will be represented at United Nations meetings.

2. Invite colleagues to join the Climate and Health Council.

3. What else can you do to strengthen the health voice calling for action to protect health from climate change?

Be a champion: put climate change on the agenda of all meetings — clinical teams, committees, professional networks. Doctors and health professionals can tip opinion with chairs and chief executives.

Join with colleagues to take increase awareness, create change locally and advocate for international action.