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Child's PHB and hospital admissions

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January 28. 2016
Caroline James

Does anyone have experience of a child with a personal health budget through continuing care, having their PHB support them when in hospital?  We would like to understand the risks and issues that may result.

Many thanks


February 03. 2016
Alison Sutch

Hi Caroline

Alder Hey are well practiced in allowing Agency staff to care for children whilst an impatient. The staff carry their DBS checks with them, ensure they always introduce themselves and their role and there needs to be an understanding of where their role starts and ends.

i.e The medicines should be dispensed by the nurse checked by staff before they can give them

I am encouraging all packages to continue during hospital stays as it reduces the admission and often it is much harder work maintaining the whole family with one child in hospital, and the caring role continues.

Alder Hey are developing a Carers passport which once produced will make the process much easier, so that carers skills, competencies and experience are obvious

February 04. 2016
Caroline James

Thanks Alison, it would be great if you could share the Carers passport once completed.


February 05. 2016
Ingrid Bell

Hi Caroline,

the carers skills passport is being developed by Jenny Bayliss with the support of Dr. Lynda Brook at AHCH. The aim is to ensure parents and carers receive the appropriate training and updates, ensuring clinical governance and improving quality.

Issues we have had with carers continuing to provide support with a child in hospital is as Alison mentioned, roles and responsibilities. If a child is only going to be in hospital for a couple of days, this may not be enough time to ensure HR are satisfied with their compliance rules i.e. DBS clearance.

We currently take each case on its own merit: why the child is admitted, how long the admission is expected, parental preference?

We do understand the challenge faced by the provider: sustainability of the package, ability to reinstate the package on discharge, staff retention.

It is a bigger piece of work we are addressing with the CCG's.

Helpful to know others thoughts on the matter.



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